Moment of Fate by Karen Stivali – a review by Luke

Moments in Time (book cover): Books 1-3 (Moment of ImpactMoment of Truth, and Moment of Clarity). Image from Goodreads.

When I started to read M/M (Male/Male) Romances—well, the kind with more mature content—I remember that whenever I reached a certain type of scene, my eyes would widen, my mouth would gape open, and my cheeks would burn so hot, it was almost like I’d eaten spicy food that I couldn’t tolerate well. Or some other equally terrible simile.

Obviously, I was such an innocent little creature then, and now… well, I still kind of am.

One of my first experiences with that kind of M/M Romance was Karen Stivali’s Moments in Time, a collection of the first three books in the series—Moment of ImpactMoment of Truth, and Moment of Clarity—in paperback. Each of them followed Collin Fitzpatrick, who embarks on a relationship with his roommate Tanner D’Amico, even with the fear of rejection weighing over him if his family discover the truth. Even if I wasn’t used to some of the content, I still enjoyed each of the stories.

Flash forward to now, I have continued to read M/M Romances, such as Fast Connection (book two of the Cyberlove series) by Megan Erickson and Santino Hassell, The Understatement of the Year (book three of The Ivy Years series) by Sarina Bowen, Out in the Open (book one in the Browerton University series) by A.J. Truman, and Sutphin Boulevard (book one in the Five Boroughs series) by Santino Hassell, among others. (Note: The beauty about these books are that they can be read as standalone!)

Moment of Fate (book cover). Image from Goodreads.

More recently, I read the fifth book in the Moments in Time series, Moment of Fate. Like the fourth book, Moment of Silence, the main character wasn’t Collin (Moment of Silence follows a character named Jason); instead, we follow Bryan, a photography student and a member of a band. In the events of the book, he is nearing the end of his year without sex, and when he meets Oliver… well, obviously, their relationship turns into something more than just friendship.

Moment of Fate surprised me in so many different ways. Like how I had no idea that I would love Bryan and Oliver so much. Okay, maybe it isn’t a total shock; I do have a thing for the fictional kind. Every time I pick up a book, I fall in love with the characters, whether instantaneously or it takes time for them to grow on me. And from the moment I met Bryan and Oliver… well, it was the former.

From the first chapter, I couldn’t help but fall for Bryan (the narrator); when a friend discloses about his HIV-positive status, Bryan comforts him. Not only this, he shows himself to be such a dedicated brother to his sister and uncle to his niece. Basically, he’s such an awesome person because he helps people, even during his own moments of hardship. Obviously, I loved Oliver, too; I found it admirable that he shared his own personal journey, that he opened up to the public via his blog. Also, moving away from his home to New York on his own is brave, as well. And them together… well, let’s just say it was sweet at times, hot at others.

I enjoyed the writing. It

For those of you who enjoy M/M Romances, as well, I would recommend Karen Stivali’s Moments in Time series. However, if you want to, you can read Moment of Fate as a standalone. Also, if you need any other recommendations, take a look at the books I mentioned before.

Moment (1)


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