Bitten by Kelley Armstrong – a review by Luke

Bitten tv tie-in
The TV Tie-In Cover of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong.

A while ago, I finished reading all the books in the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong. While I liked each of them, I enjoyed some more than I did others. But my absolute favourite entries were the ones that followed Elena Michaels. She was the main character in the first book, Bitten, as well as the second (Stolen), sixth (Broken), and the tenth books (Frostbitten), along with many short stories and novellas. In this post, though, I am going to focus on where it started: Bitten.


Bitten follows Elena Michaels, who is a werewolf—and not just any werewolf, but the only female werewolf in existence; not many survive the transition after they’re bitten. However, she leads a normal life, pretending to be human. However, when the Pack she once belonged to calls her back home, living her life the way she wants to becomes difficult. Along with the Pack, she must fight an alliance of mutts—werewolves who don’t belong to a pack—and stop them from exposing and exterminating the Pack.


I absolutely loved Elena. She is so amusing, even when she doesn’t mean to be. She is also tough and has quite the temper. As a human, she was “even-tempered, passive, [and] caring,” but once she turned into a werewolf, that changed. I loved how much she evolved, from refusing to accept what she has become and trying to pretend that she can simply ignore it to realising that she can’t escape it and comes to accept it. It’s not exactly easy to accept something immediately. Change is scary. So is something that isn’t easy to apprehend. But I loved how she stopped running away, eventually facing and ultimately accepting what she is and her destiny.

Another great character is the leader of the Pack, Jeremy Danvers. When Clay, Elena’s ex-lover, was turned into a werewolf as a child, Jeremy took him in, helping him through everything. He also took care of Elena after Clay bit her. These acts show that Jeremy is such a good, such a selfless, such a compassionate individual, and he seems like the father figure that Elena needs in her life, that she didn’t have when she was younger, when she kept being moved from one home to another. So it’s great to see that she has that kind of relationship with Jeremy.

When I heard about the television show Bitten based on this book, I was so excited. I was especially excited to hear that Laura Vandervoort, who played Kara in Smallville, was cast as Elena; in my opinion, she was perfect for the role, and she was definitely capable of bringing Elena to life on screen. I enjoyed the first season, and I have yet to watch the second and third seasons.

Overall, I thought Bitten was pretty awesome. I loved the story. I loved the characters, especially Elena. I loved the writing. I thought it was paced well; it didn’t seem rushed during the fast-paced moments, and it didn’t seem to lag during the slower moments. One day, I would like to revisit it—and even read my other favourite entries in the series. Until then, I better get on watching the rest of the show!


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