Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble – a review by Luke

Don't Let Me Go
Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trumble. Cover image taken from Goodreads.

(Disclaimer: The f-bomb—you know, the one that rhymes with duck—is present at some point in this review.)


It’s been eight months since Nate and Adam started their relationship. But when Adam accepts a job opportunity all the way in New York, they face one of the toughest obstacles: distance. Through Skype calls, Nate catches glimpses of Adam’s shirtless roommate. Moreover, Nate steals the attention of his high school’s student body. Then there’s the new boy, and there are even more complications that arise…


What inspired me to Don’t Let Me Go was that one of my favourite authors, Brigid Kemmerer, who wrote The Elemental Series—check that series out; the first book is called Storm—had a glowing review on Goodreads. Obviously, the story appealed to me, as well, and the themes it tackles are important ones, such as long-distance relationships and homophobia.

I thought that Nate was an awesome guy. For one, he could’ve been selfish, could’ve told Adam to stay, but that’s not what he did; instead, he told Adam to pursue his dream, because he wanted him to be happy. Also, I loved how he wasn’t afraid to be himself, to stand up for himself and his rights. The t-shirts he wore were a symbol of this—not to mention that it pissed his English teacher off.

So I found the slogans on his t-shirts amusing. Closets are for brooms, not people, one of the said. Then there’s this other one: I can’t even think straight. But wait, it doesn’t end there: Your gaydar should be going off right about now. And: The rumor’s right. But, unless I’m fucking you, it’s none of your business. Of course, there’s more, but I think I’ll stop there.

Overall, I enjoyed Don’t Let Me Go. I loved how we got to see how Nate and Adam’s relationship developed, from its starting point to how it became. I loved how, in the end—the very end—everything worked out for them, despite the difficulties they faced in their relationship. I can’t wait to read it again.

don_t let me go

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