Melissa’s Reading Round Up

Reading has become a sneaky 3 minutes here and there thing since my second baby. Despite this, I have still managed to read the below four books in the past month.

A Truth Universally Acknowledged book cover taken from Goodreads

A Truth Universally Acknowledged: 33 Writers on Why We Read Jane Austen, edited by Susannah Carson

This was slow reading for me. Not because I wasn’t enjoying it, but because I had to keep Googling bits and pieces. Other essays by critics mentioned, authors who wrote the essays in the book (in case they’d written more about Austen), a reading list of what Jane Austen had read (because that could form my next section in the to-read list!)

The essays considered why we read Jane Austen when her time is so removed from our own, discuss the books and talk of Austen’s genius in structuring her novels.

Witches of Echo Park
The Witches of Echo Park book cover taken from Goodreads

The Witches of Echo Park by Amber Benson

Lyse is happily living her life running a plant nursery with her best friend when she is called home by news of her grand aunt’s illness. Despite being raised by Eleanora, Lyse did not know much of her life story. When home, Lyse learns shocking truths and embraces a brand new life.

Benson writes in a style rich with descriptive prose and the characters are fully drawn – not just by what they say and the details given in this point of view, but also by what other characters see.

I have ordered the second book (The Last Dream Keeper) in the series from the library.

Queen Sugar
Queen Sugar book cover taken from Goodreads

Queen Sugar by Natalie Baszile

The writing and the characters caught me from the first paragraph. Charley is packing up her 11-year-old daughter and heading off to run her newly inherited sugarcane plantation when we begin. The story chronicles Charley’s fight to learn about sugarcane farming and make this adventure successful for her daughter. She faces prejudices (she’s a woman of colour) and troubles within her own family.

UnDiet book cover taken from Goodreads

UnDiet: The shiny, happy, vibrant, gluten-free, plant-based way to look better, feel better, and live better each and every day by Meghan Telpner

I happened upon the blog of this author when searching up plant-based eating options and then ordered this book from the library. It is jam-packed with information, facts and recipes written with sass and wit where it could have been a little dry.

Not only does she discuss foods that can cause issues for us, but the products we put on our skin daily – skin which soaks in chemicals that then bypass the digestive system! It was really eye opening. I also loved that plant-based didn’t mean rigid on meat, no grain, no taste. Cutting out entire food groups without an allergy or intolerance doesn’t seem wise.

Melissa_s Reading Round Up

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