Melissa’s Reading Round Up #2

I’ve had a bit of an eclectic reading list recently, including some new books I’ve read and reviewed: If There’s No Tomorrow, Lord of Shadows and Tower of Dawn. Here’s the rest of what I’ve been reading:

The Whole Health Life by Shannon Harvey (2016)

In The Whole Health Life, Shannon Harvey shares her learning from a ten year journey as a 20 something journalist diagnosed with an autoimmune illness living a fast-paced life to a 30 something healthy mama of two. Of course, this appealed to me; it’s a blend of research and personal story. It is an easy to read, compelling, evidence-based case for following the steps in The Whole Health Life.

This is well worth the read if you are facing a chronic illness or just want to invest in your health. Don’t get dragged into ill-health by our culture’s fast paced, burn out risking standards. Start meditating, prioritise sleep, go for a walk, have a snuggle with your partner or have an apple at morning tea time today – just start!

Loving Her Alphas by Ari Thatcher (2017)

I was given this book in return for an honest review.

This is not my usual reading, but the plot caught my attention. Ari Thatcher has written a light, fun book about a young woman reclaiming her power after being shut down by three serious life events – her grandfather dying, losing her job and her partner in quick succession. Going back home to her grandparents house in a remote mountain side to try to build a business for herself, she re-meets childhood crushes and finds she is drawn to them by something she can’t place. They’re werewolves and soon she will be too.

The plot could easily have been built upon, but for those wanting a quick-read steamy romance, this will hit the spot. But be warned, there is plenty of the steam.

The Girl From Munich by Tania Blanchard (2017)

I was given this book in return for an honest review.

I enjoyed this book very much. After a thorough setting up of the story, it moved breathlessly through the ravages of the end of the war to a satisfying conclusion.

Lotte is an independent, intelligent German woman who has her life set out before her when the war intensifies. She begins working for a government department and soon her horizons are blown open. Tragedy strikes her hometown and she ends up adrift with only her supervisor to ensure her safety.

This romance has you hooked from the beginning, from the first look, to the last scene. It was beautifully written, well plotted and I really want to know what happened next!

Braving the Wilderness: The Quest for True Belonging and the Courage to Stand Alone by Brené Brown (2017)

This is a book I’ve needed for a long time, only it wasn’t written until this year. This is the first book of Brown’s I’ve managed to connect with. These types of books are best suited for the place you’re in in your life. I’m in this place now – the quest for the courage to stand as I am.

I love her approach to parenting; she ensures her children are loved, know how to love and know they belong at home. I hope to emulate this for my boys.

Melissa_s Reading Round Up

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