The Mindful Way to a Good Night’s Sleep by Tzivia Gover – a review by Melissa

I was given this book in return for an honest review. 

33590145I’m no stranger to sleep struggles as I have suffered from insomnia for over a decade. I have a carefully selected set of things I must do each night to attempt to get enough sleep. I’ve done a lot of reading in this area, so it’s hard to find new information, but I appreciate this book is about utilising non medicinal methods of combating insomnia.

Gover begins this book by asking us to mindfully take stock of our bed, room and the thoughts we bring to it.

She outlines a calming practice for going to sleep, a good breathing practice and how meditation is a good antidote to worrying about not being asleep in the middle of the night. Deep meditation is said to mimic deep sleep on brain scans leaving us more refreshed for the day than lying their worrying about not sleeping (p. 42).

In the second part of the book Gover discusses dreams – why we dream and what good it does us, encouraging us to write up our dreams in a journal, with a chapter on trying to remember them. There are exercises to encourage recall.

In the chapter On the Right Side of the Bed, Gover covers good morning rituals to set up the day including sun salutations for exercise, a breathing exercise, a DIY massage and replacing the cup of coffee with a cool shower (so not happening here!).

It is clear that she knows what she is talking about, folding in fact to support suggestions. Her writing style is also enjoyable, initiating a feeling like taking a calming breath. While the dreamwork wasn’t for me, the meditation wholeheartedly is a big part of my way of combating insomnia.

(You can find the book on Book Depository!)


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