Author to Binge Read: Jeffe Kennedy

It’s been a little obvious, from recent posts, I’m currently obsessed with the fantasy romance genre. So the first few authors I share are likely to follow this trend.

I came across Jeffe Kennedy first with The Mark of the Tala when I was researching my What to Read if You Have a Maas Hangover post. And I have whizzed through most of her fantasy romance books now. She has a lot of romance books too, but plain romance isn’t my cup of tea.

I’m so glad that Kennedy blends fantasy and romance – and she does it well; something vital would be missing if The Twelve Kingdoms, The Uncharted Realms and The Sorcerous Moons series were purely fantasy.

Here are her three series that I have devoured…or rather read:

The Twelve Kingdoms/The Uncharted Realms

18371373Three books in the initial series and three in the spin-off

This series follows a different character for each book and Kennedy sinks into each character so thoroughly that you can’t imagine she’s ever written from another point of view. A kingdom in peril from an ever maddening king and his three daughters are the only ones to save the realms. Feisty heir Ursula, powerful, tumultuous Andy and pretty Amelia. Each finding their true partner along the way.

Sorcerous Moons

31143665Four books out, more to come

Oria is introduced to us as a weak, easily overpowered young woman kept in a tower for her protection.  Of course she is shown as the true hero after war ravages it’s way through the line of sucession. Everything she’s ever known is torn asunder and she must begin anew with her dark, warrior husband of convenience that turns into much more in order to save both their peoples.

Covenant of Thorns

downloadThe first book in this series was Kennedy’s first full length work. It lays the foundation for a fantastic series, but she doesn’t hit her stride and become the author we know and love from the other series until the second book, Rogue’s Possession. Frankly, some of the content of the the first book is a little  disturbing. But the world, the characters and the premise had me zooming through nevertheless.

If you’re a fan of pure romance (it’s not my cup of tea) with steam, then there are plenty other books of hers to try. Let me know what you think.

Copy of COURT

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