Author to Binge Read: Richelle Mead

If you need an author to binge, then you can trust us. For this post, we are recommending Richelle Mead. Read to discover more!

One of my favourite authors at this moment is Richelle Mead. You may have heard of (or even read) her Vampire Academy series and its spin-off, the Bloodlines series. After reading them, I became a fan of hers, and because of this, I decided to read her other books. Every year, I always look forward to all of her releases.


VAVampire Academy follows Rose Hathaway, a dhampir who is training to become a guardian, as she navigates through the complications and dangers of her world, from protecting her best friend Lissa Dragomir to following into a forbidden love with her mentor Dimitri Belikov—and so much more.

With six books in the series, we have Rose, an example of a strong heroine who isn’t immune to imperfections; we have each of her relationships, such as her romantic one with Dimitri and her friendship with Lissa, which is, for me, the real highlight of it all; and then, there’s the well-developed world she is in, which is explored throughout the series.

the BLOODLINES series

BloodlinesBloodlines is a spin-off to the Vampire Academy series, which follows Sydney Sage, who is an alchemist, as she is sent to boarding school, where she must take care of a Moroi (a mortal vampire), the sister of the Moroi queen who needs to be in hiding due to the forces that threaten her.

Having six books in the series, similar to Vampire Academy, the Bloodlines series has a different type of heroine: Sydney, who is responsible, analytical—always looking for the most logical explanation—but is still strong in her own way, even if it isn’t in the same way Rose is. Like Vampire Academy, there are exciting plots for each book; we watch as the main character develops—it’s amazing to see how different Sydney is from the start to the end; and we get to see even more of this world being explored.


SBThe Georgina Kincaid series follows… well, Georgina Kincaid, a succubus who, with her complicated relationship with the author Seth Mortensen—she can’t do it with him without draining his soul—has to face whatever threats that come along to Seattle.

You probably can tell that since the main character is a succubus, there is a lot of sex—and you’d be right there—and it’s all relevant to the plots in some way. It also has a cast of interesting characters, from vampires to imps to humans even and so on. Basically, if you want something similar to Vampire Academy but with grown-ups, then this is for you.

the AGE OF X series

GameboardThe first book in the Age of X series Gameboard of the Gods follows Justin March, an investigator of religious groups, and Mae Koskinen, a soldier with enhanced abilities, as they uncover the mystery behind the ritualistic murders.

While this series is different from Vampire Academy in the way that it is aimed more towards adults and is set in a futuristic world, it shares many similarities with it, as the official plot synopsis states: “sexy, irresistible characters; romantic and mythological intrigue; and relentless action and suspense.”

(Disclaimer: There are only two books out, Gameboard of the Gods and The Immortal Crown, and while Richelle Mead has confirmed a third book, tentatively called The Eye of Andromeda, it doesn’t have an official release date.)

And more…

31084552Of course, Richelle Mead has other books: another adult urban fantasy series called the Dark Swan series, which consists of four books that follow the shaman Eugenie Markham; the Glittering Court trilogy, young adult fantasy with each of the three books following three different girls as they journey to the New World; and the standalone Soundless, where a girl in a village without sound hears a calling, which puts her on an journey.


I hope you find some of these books appealing; I can’t recommend them enough. If you need to binge-read an author, and you like all kinds of fantasy with strong heroines and well-developed worlds, Richelle Mead may that author for you.


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