Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J. Maas – a review by Luke

The end is here: Kingdom of Ash, the seventh (and final) book in the Throne of Glass series, has hit bookshelves (on October 23rd), and Melissa and I have finished this brick of a book (it is nearly 1000 pages long!). 

Kingdom of Ash official front cover

Even though I finished it about a month ago (as of writing this post), it has taken me a little while to gather my thoughts on it. Let me just say that it didn’t disappoint me.

First of all, I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was action-packed, filled with emotional highs, with epic events, with heartwarming moments. It was so addicting that I didn’t want to put it down—and when I did, it wasn’t for long. I just kept picking it up until… well, the inevitable end.

I won’t lie: the first 200 pages or so were difficult to get through; Aelin’s sections were so intense, and I hated what she had to endure, so obviously, I was relieved once I’d passed it. 

I do, however, have a few criticisms. Firstly, I agree with some people: I feel like there are quite a bit of filler sections, which makes me wonder whether the book really needed to be as long as it was. Secondly, I noticed that there was a lack of diversity, especially compared to Sarah J. Maas’ other books (A Court of Wings and Ruin, to name one). Thirdly—and it may be a little controversial—there are lives lost, yes, but I feel like, for a war, there should’ve been more.

Because of the nature of the Throne of Glass series, I was expecting a bittersweet ending, something similar to The Hunger Games trilogy, and while I’m relieved that many of the characters had a happy ending, I feel like, for a lot of them, it’s a little too happy (though it was bittersweet for Manon). 

Apart from all that, I thought it was a worthy conclusion to the series. While I am sad that it is over, I am glad that we got an epic endgame. And I look forward to whatever else Sarah J. Maas has for us, from more books set in the A Court of Thorns and Roses series to her new work-in-progresses, such as Crescent City

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