Perfect Ten by L. Philips – a review by Luke

PerfectTen_BOM_2P.inddPerfect Ten follows Sam Raines, a seventeen-year-old senior at Athens High in Ohio who wants to become a writer—and who wants to find the perfect guy. With his Wiccan best friend, Meg, Sam performs a love spell. Then, suddenly, he has not one, not two, but three guys appear in his life, each containing his Perfect Ten qualities.

What inspired me to check it out was—I won’t deny it—the cover. I saw “cute” and “sweet” all over it. Then the plot cemented my decision to actually read it. And it was a bonus that J.H. Trumble, who wrote Don’t Let Me Go (which I need to reread), had a blurb featured on it. So I went into it knowing—well, hoping—I’d like it.

And guess what? I did.

I thought Perfect Ten was such a cute, sweet rom-com with plenty of humour.

I really liked Sam. He is a dreamer. He wants to be a writer. Not to mention that he wants the perfect guy. I mean, everyone—or at least most of everyone—dreams of the perfect someone. And maybe he was a little superficial with some of the traits he included on his list. Though it does sound alluring—a guy who is “sexy” and “attractive” with “nice eyes” and “thick hair” who has “style.”

I found Sam was relatable. He didn’t always make the smartest—or best—decisions; he didn’t respond in the most appropriate manner all the time. (Does anyone actually react perfectly to everything?) But he was still a good guy, a guy who deserved to find the guy of his dreams… even if, you know, he’s only seventeen and all. 

The writing was engaging, and I was completely hooked. I didn’t want to put it down, and it really shows how much of a great storyteller L. Philips is. This is my first book by her, and I certainly would like to check out more from her.

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